Castaic High Project in the news

from "KHTS"

Castaic High School Expected To Be Finished By 2019

While Castaic High School is expected to take advantage of the existing district’s curriculum, a stronger focus on college and career readiness is in the works, according to the website.

“It’s the real deal,” said Randy Wrage development manager of Castaic High School.

With the opening of the school, a nearly 20-year-odyssey will finally come to an end. In a blink, lights will switch on. Students and staff will be bustling about the campus. Plays will be rehearsed, classes opened and that very first school bell will chime, said the website. When all the paperwork is cleared by Hart District officials, the first group of students could be setting foot on campus in the fall of 2019.

“When you think about a high school, it’s not a place you drive to once a day. You take your kid there to class, and then they go back in the afternoon for some kind of activity and maybe their social stuff later,” added Wrage. “So it’s going to save a lot of travel miles for a lot of families.”

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