KHTS interview with Randy Wrage

After years of extended discussion, planning, and even more debate, construction on the Castaic High School project is officially underway!

The project’s development manager, Wrandy Rage, joins KHTS Station Manager Kyle Jellings in-studio to detail the state-of-the-art institute that will become a centerpiece of the Castaic community.

Students and their parents can expect to have the same academic instruction that has made all of the high schools in the Hart School District some of the best in the state. The Hart District’s core academic curriculum not only emphasizes English, Math, Science and Social Studies, but electives such as Music, Art and Computer Science. And the same high quality Honors and Advanced Placement programs offered throughout the district will be available at Castaic High School.

One aspect that sets Castaic High School apart is its added emphasis on College and Career Readiness (CCR). Classes that focus on industrial arts, certifications and careers that begin right out of high school with salaries up to $90,000 will be taught at the school. Added space has been designed in the buildings in anticipation of future needs of CCR. Students from across the Santa Clarita Valley will have the chance to take courses at Castaic High School they might not have the opportunity to take at their home school.

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