Castaic High School Project In The News

From 'The Santa Clarita Gazette'

'Now and Then' By Linda Pedersen


Castaic High School is scheduled to open next fall with a ninth grade class of about 400 freshmen, and when listening to founding principal Melanie Hagman’s enthusiastic description of the new school, it’s hard not to share her excitement over the “state of the art curriculum that is being designed to match its state of the art ysical structure.”

“The drive up the mile and a half road to the campus ends in a most imposing sight,” said Melanie. “A magnificent two-story science building that dominates the landscape.

“Equally impressive will be the gymnasium and performing arts buildings which will add a full spectrum of enrichment opportunities to a robust curriculum that will offer pathways in diverse pursuits like manufacturing, health and medical, and college preparation.”

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