Students and their parents can expect to have the same academic instruction that has made all of the high schools in the Hart School District some of the best in the state. The Hart District's core academic curriculum not only emphasizes English, Math, Science and Social Studies, but electives such as Music, Art and Computer Science. And the same high quality Honors and Advanced Placement programs offered throughout the district will be available at Castaic High School.

One aspect that sets Castaic High School apart is its added emphasis on College and Career Readiness (CCR). Classes that focus on industrial arts, certifications and careers that begin right out of high school with salaries up to $90,000 will be taught at the school. Added space has been designed in the buildings in anticipation of future needs of CCR. Students from across the Santa Clarita Valley will have the chance to take courses at Castaic High School they might not have the opportunity to take at their home school.

Like the other six comprehensive high schools in the Hart School District, Castaic High School will have extra-curricular programs. The activities that set public high schools apart, such as athletics, ASB, dance, theatre, marching bands, etc., will also play a big part at Castaic High School. All of the things that make a high school a central point of the community will be available at Castaic High School.

The Hart School District has developed strong community partnerships with local businesses and our community college, College of the Canyons. Castaic High School students will be able to sign up for concurrent enrollment at the college, thereby earning college credits as they finish their high school education.


A nearly 20-year-odyssey will finally come to an end. In a blink, lights will switch on. Students and staff will be bustling about the campus. Plays will be rehearsed, classes opened and that very first school bell chime. When all the paperwork is cleared by the Hart District, the first students could be setting foot on campus in the fall of 2019. 


The first graduating class of Castaic High School will be marching to Pomp and Circumstance in the year 2022. In 2032, they'll be reminiscing at their 10-year-reunion.


It’s first year, Castaic High School will have a freshman class of about 400. It’s estimated the campus will accommodate 1,600-2,000 students, grades 9-12. However, the school is built to comfortably house a student body of 2,600.


Castaic High School combines a regular college-course directed school with a trade and technical campus. The Hart District has already formed partnerships with our community. These partnerships with business, industry and our community's public/private sectors will enhance the educational experience at Castaic High School. Career Tech Education (CTE) means students can graduate and start work immediately. According to labor statistics, many of these jobs will start out paying $40,000 to $90,000 or more, not including benefits.


Beyond the facts and figures, there is the intangible — The Castaic High School Experience. When the school opens, each child will write their own life’s story, filled with their own unique experiences and memories. Castaic High School is one of the best things adults can pass on to the next generation — the opportunity to become themselves.